I'm cranking along on the Primal Kings Stormhost project. I'm adding Judicators to my small fledging  force. Batch painting is well underway and I'm working on these in pieces. I find it easier to have the arms, torsos and legs separate. These judicators are so much better than the push fit Liberators. My paint scheme benefits from undercoating some pieces white and some pieces black so keeping the parts separate is a good idea. You can't keep the parts separate on the push fit models. Really enjoying these. Hoping to make good progress on these next week.

Hi all, Banzai1000 here with some progress on my Genestealer Cults Armies on Parade project. The above-shown Aberrant is the latest model I finished. Of course, there is a lot more to come, but I am a slow painter going for each model separately.

How about everyone out there? Are you painting your armies in batches or units or as single models? Let us know in the comment section...

I was always taught by my elders (no, not the pointy eared ones) to spend the most money possible on tools. In the long run the cheap tools will break and you will be constantly replacing them and spending more money. I've owned around 6 airbrushes in the past decade. I've had failures ranging from clogged, to split nozzles to bent needles all of which are operator error. It's the 180lb chimp hanging off the end of it that causes them to break. Each of these previous airbrushes has only cost me £30 to £40 and I do get a couple of years use out of each one. So when I saw an airbrush on eBay for less than £13 with free delivery, I thought what the heck. It's worth a shot. Find out what I think of it after the jump.

Hi all, I'm back with a Legio Custodes Guard from the Burning of Prospero box. This Guard is the only one I have (got it separately from a bitz seller), I justed wanted to know what it's like to paint  one of them. Obviously, the main colour had to be gold. There isn't much on Legio Custodes Squads you need to paint differently ;) They might seem like massive and intimidating models, but they're actually quite easy to paint. I just drybrushed and washed the guy above.

So who else is with the Emperor and his elite guard? Leave a comment... 

Here we have the first batch of Dark Reapers completed, with the second batch at the back. The contrast between the metallic black armour and the "true" black details on the Reaper Launchers is subtle, but I like it, and it's more evident in real life. What do you think?

Finished! It feels so good to get a Space Wolf model completed and I'm really happy with the results. I tried really hard with this one and the gulf in quality to Golden Demon standard is so vast. Luckily, I'm an army painter and content with what i produce. This won't be the only Space Wolf I paint, I'm planning a small force and I think an army painted to this level will be quite special (if I say so myself). 

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